Backup Services

blog icon2So how's your backup doing these days? Most people don't even know what a backup means in business or personal backup its important save a copy of your important data to an external hard drive, external Chip, Tape backup or something away from the local machine you are using. The reason is in for protection from the case of worst case scenario. What could go wrong you may ask your self, why or how does this affect me? Let's say for instance there is a large account with many pages of serious information at your disposal and you are in charge of the editing and recording of this data. It's been weeks you have been working on this data, the CEO and president of the company are relying on you to complete this by a certain date because they have a very important meeting that this information depends on. Suddenly there is a smell coming from the mini kitchen, it's probably a coffee brewing you think. You continue working on the project and you notice people are going for a break, I'll spend 10 more min on this and then take my break. I'm done you turn off the monitor because you're planning to come back and work on it some more and leave to go outside.   

Your outside with your Cafe Latte sitting by the tree, in the shade, off to the side, when you see 3-4 trucks racing to the building, hmm what could that be about.  All of a sudden a window explodes with flames coming out of it. You look up in amazement, what's going on here that's near my office? Fire trucks are arriving and police the building is on fire the entire top floor is quarantined because of black smoke and fire, all the machines are destroyed.  The data you have been working on for a clear month is destroyed along with all the machines.

* Always have a good backup, hire professional PC Technicians to do the work!
* Backup Solutions can help you! Contact Us for more information