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31 Jul -0001

miners2Before wre get started on this article - yes we are the BTC Addict Crew :o) on a new crusade..

Hey all, decided to post this doc about the little Terra Miner Hardware / Software setup I had going for a while. It was actually more than you see in the picture but I only had the one pic to show lol. It consists of 10 ASIC Terra Miner Cointerra Machines, in this area.

It was 10 x 1.6 Terra Miners only 8 in the Picture

it roughly equals about 18 plus TerraHash

Run on a  Cisco 24 port Ethernet Business Switch

With 60 Megabit Cable Internet Connection 

Cat 6 Cables

Netgear Router - never failed lol worked perfect and was pretty good when rebooting machines because the IP kept changing off a cold reboot. I had to keep finding the IPs for access to the Admin panels.

3 x 20" High Velocity Steel Fans

200 amp Electrical Panel

Rubber Matt for Grounding

Re Inforced Table

20 amp plugs

Independent electrical breakers

This was a bit rough to keep going at the time, as you remember it was through spring into the summer where ther heat was really hard to deal with. I had a plan to duck the heat out the window with hard plastic Tarps with velcro .. Otherwise it would have been impossible to keep the room cool.

I then picked up 3 steel High Velocity Steel blade Fans and pointed them directly at the intake areas of the Terra Miners, these fans had to run 24/7 and the door had to be open to keep a constant air flow.

Also added a reinforced table with 2x4 frame and Heavy Rubber covering to assist with Grounding, most people did not think about this when setting up their project .. but if you think about it... You are sending alot of power through machines which have steel frame chasis which is a natural electrical conductor hehe.

I just assumed not get fried by the electrical current lol  :)

These machines ran CG Miner the Interface was pretty good simple and worked well over all, In other projects we ran BFG Miner shout out to Luke Jr and the crew at Slush's place.


We also had Script Coin mining Rigs - Machine Specs:

1 machine has AMD 7990 

Corsair Vengence Case 

1 machine has AMD 2 x (290X) crossfire 

Corsair HAF 932 case  

Rest of the Specs::: 

Intel, i5-4670 Quad Core 

3.4 Ghz 6 MB Cache 

1 TeraByte Hard Drive 

Gigabyte Z87X-OC - Over Clocking MainBoard 

GSkill 32 MB Ram 

Asus Optical Drive Dvdrw 

Power Supply 1050 SeaSonic Gold Plus 

5 Extra Cooler Master Internal Fans 

10 USB Ports 

Microsoft Windows Ultimate 7, OEM w/DVD

(this machine had 2 290X cards in it before) - the other one had the 7990


These machines ran BFG miner exclusively and we had to run temperature cooling software called MSI Afterburner wich was really pretty great for the graphic cards not over heating. We as well had the fans pointed to the machines intake on the sides.

We tried not to over clock the Graphic cards like most people tried because it would last longer, and considering the mining complexity always going up every two weeks - we wanted the cards to last. One of the key components I used to use with this was the UNDER Volting technique to keep the Video Cards from over heating and shutting down lol.

*** About the AMD 7990 Card Performance:


Alright this card was a total beast to say the least I had to pay very close attention to the card at tall times because it was a 6 GIG card and it loved power! This crazy graphics card would run like a dream in freezing cold weather lol !! seriously - I had it near the door in minus -24 degrees celsius weather and not a hickup ! I was able to get a clear .01 with the card over night at the time!

About the AMD 290X performance:

These cards ran cool all the time I know they could be overclocked but I never did because I wanted them to last, I had the 2 cards in the machine side by side - but not in crossfire mode. So BFG miner would see them bother as separate cards and mining with their own speeds - whcih we monitored constanly as well but they were nornally about 70-73 degrees steady in all conditions wich was great - I did not have to watch them as much - they did not produce as much as the 7990 but they were steady with no issues. and yes we used the MSI after burner to monitor the voltage of these cards as well.


Butterfly Labs 60Ghz ASIC Miners

bfl60We also tried Butterfly Labs Miners 60 ghz - 400 GHz we ran 8 Bitcoin Miners with BFG Miner as well - those machines had separate power supplies and they were not very good they used to burn out all the time. I ordered RMA from BFL and they did send them but it took a long time to get them.

so I opted to get PC power supplies from seasonic and use them for the Miner then just adapt the pins to connect to the Miners

we actually liked these machines they never over heated it was pretty awesome actually lol - overall pretty quiet and pretty well made outside from the power supplies. It was fun to be in the room with them at night they made this alien noise hehe and it the dark the light from inside the machines shining through the air holes made you feel like you were being abducted into the x-files lol. These machines lasted till the 8 Difficulty kicked in then it was only use was alt coins.


Mining & Pool Server Mining :

One was for Litecoin and the other was for Bitcoin - we started testing the server on MPOS stratum and also tested p2pool

ok, so for the MPOS pool server we did it on a VPS for the experiment and it took a while for the configuration python, php, LitecoinD, BitcoinD - everyone said ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS but it runs on Debian too - the hardest part was the stratum setup but in the end it was fine. We set it up first for Litecoin then Bitcoin .. you had to run the core for each one seperatley which was weird unless you mod the app some. I remember thinking this was a pretty cool environment actually. The pool stats and miners stats - were pretty easy to see and operate .. All the script miner pools ran on MPOS too .. then all the hybrid coins showed up and so on. 

The only thing I will never understand is why people had to keep DDOS ing each other all the time, there is enough room for everyone .. We used to like to Mine on Fast coin, World Coin - I know everyone was always saying how dodge coin was the next big thing .. it was never one of ours .. wasn't a bad coin though.. also the SHA 256 coins were tested for a bit too .. un fortunately they were not all that stable and getting true coin conversion was not always the case. Then there was the scrypt coin exchanges we had to deal with - and who was getting DDos that day. Places like Cryptsy were pretty good but they had their slow days too .. they did have the biggest currency conversion system and well they kept a pretty decent ship running.

There were a bunch of startup coins like moon coin and others who ran BIG over night then slow later on then BIG again here and there lol, but they were not worth that much so trading up to BTC was hard you needed a ton of Moon coin to get eve 0.1 heheh it was funny.

I tested out P2Pool on a dedicated server i7 64 gig Ram device that went pretty good too, I used to mod the index file to look more pro it was pretty rudimentary on the stats page. It also to quite a bit of time to get paid from mining P2Pool but you will get paid, there were a bunch of guys trying to beat you out for mining a block too.

I ran 2 x 290X or 7990 at the time wich did a good job - I used to run this on the LAN from the Butterfly Labs 400 Ghz - 8 x 60ghz of miners - it was fun solo mining on the LAN lol

So the server 2 x 290X >> being mined on by the BFL 8 x 60 Ghz - there was zero latency on the LAN so this was cool - I did notice the data was high running P2Pool though .. be sure you have ample data for that experiment. I did not have to run a static IP, just the Router created IP worked fine on the LAN.